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Vestergaard is an international company dedicated to improving the health of vulnerable people, most of whom live in developing countries. Our game-changing solutions contribute to a healthier, more sustainable planet by fighting malaria, diarrheal diseases and neglected tropical diseases. Additional company initiatives are focused on increasing HIV testing, mitigating climate change and enhancing food security.

Breakthrough solutions include the award-winning LifeStraw® water filter, which was named "One of Ten Things that Will Change the Way we Live" by Forbes magazine. The personal version of LifeStraw® has been deployed following almost every natural disaster since 2005, and the family version is the backbone of the LifeStraw® Carbon for Water™ campaign in Kenya. This is the world’s largest privately funded household water program, providing more than 4.5 million Kenyans with sustainable access to clean and safe drinking water. LifeStraw® Guinea Worm has been instrumental in the near eradication of Guinea worm disease. LifeStraw® Community, for schools, health facilities, workplaces and community setting, delivers 70,000-100,000 litres of safe driking water over its lifetime.

Vestergaard is also the largest producer of long-lasting insecticidal bed nets. The company's PermaNet® bed nets have played a significant role in last decade’s highly successful fight against malaria. More than half a billion PermaNet® bed nets have contributed to the reduction in deaths from malaria by more than one third.

Vestergaard is headquartered in Switzerland and has offices around the world where highly skilled staff members work with stakeholders to ensure global reach with local support. The company is proud to be a valued and trusted partner to governments, aid agencies, NGOs, faith-based groups and the private sector.