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Dual Battery Management

Dual Battery systems are one of the most talked about topics when setting up a power source for your 4WD, SUV, Camper trailer, Boat or Caravan. There are many different views and products, that most people become confused about which way to go.

At TJM Launceston we offer simple isolator systems through to high tech DC to DC battery management. Solar, Battery and generators can also part of the travellers set up and requirements and we can help there too!!

We offer easy to understand advice and can give you practical demonstrations in store.

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Modern computerised vehicles require the use of state-of-the-art, dual battery management systems with electronic voltage sensing isolators to ensure adequate protection of the vehicles electrical systems. Automatic systems that link batteries for charging and isolate batteries for discharging.

TJM Battery Systems:

  • Easy installation – no alterations to vehicles wiring.
  • The ability to use “Start” & “Deep Cycle” Batteries together.
  • Monitoring voltage of both “Start” & “Auxiliary” batteries.
  • Priority charging to the “Start” battery.
  • Spike voltage protection to EFI and automotive computer systems.
  • The ability to be installed to an extensive range of vehicles with varying alternator output.
  • Suitable for high current applications such as electric winching or jump starting.
  • Cabin Mounted Control Unit
  • Detailed LED Status Display
  • Charging Voltage Indicator 2 Voltage Indicators for Each Battery
  • Manual Override Switch
  • Auto Disconnect Safety Function
  • Starts On Main Battery
  • 200amp Nagares Relay
  • Spike Protection

TJM Launceston offer the full range of Piranha Offroad Dual Battery Management Systems for your 4WD.

Including Battery trays, Battery Management Systems, Management system mounts, Alternator output compensator, Battery monitors/protectors and Multi-blade fuse boxes

TJM Launceston offer the full range of Red Arc Dual Battery Management Systems for your 4WD.