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TJM has earned a worldwide reputation for being leaders in designing and manufacturing vehicle protection and TJM Launceston are proud to represent that.

Australia provides the ultimate testing ground for vehicle protection, thanks to its diverse landscape, wildlife and sheer size. And if you’re equipped with TJM vehicle protection, rocks, sand and scrub won’t lead to scratches, dents or broken headlights. TJM vehicle protection fulfils many purposes, but at the top is safety to yourself, your vehicle and your environment.

TJM has a range of aluminium and steel frontal protection bars that’ll allow you to fully enjoy the outdoors. With a variety of styles designed to fit most vehicles, TJM vehicle protection minimises damage during collisions with animals and therefore protects both you and your passengers. Appropriate protection also lessens the chances of your vehicle being immobilised during minor accidents. Each TJM bull bar has been engineered and tested to ensure air bag compatibility.

Not only does TJM vehicle protection look great and add value to your vehicle, it provides mounting points for winches, driving lights and communication aerials. In fact, it was TJM that pioneered the legendary and universally supported, reinforced T-slot design that allows a hi-lift jack to be mounted directly onto the bull bar.

East Coast Bullbars are the leading manufacturer of alloy frontal protection products, which are designed and manufactured right here in Australia.

East Coast Bullbars utilise an exclusive blend of hi-tensile alloy in industry leading wall thicknesses, allowing every single bar to maintain maximum strength, whilst adding minimal weight to your vehicle.

East Coast Bullbars blend of alloy performs extremely well under stress to provide the best protection for you, your family and vehicle. One of the many advantages of using hi-tensile alloy is that it will never rust, which means it consistently maintains the best protection for your vehicle now and long into the future.

All ECB Arc™ Bars and Big Tube™ Bars feature a full one-piece centre channel section that is 6mm thick. These channel sections are plasma cut and then folded into correct shape forming the ultimate in strength for the most important part of the bullbar.

Bullbars are most vulnerable right out on the wings; therefore East Coast Bullbars feature fully gusseted shoulder pipes. Every single gusset has a purpose and the gussets on the shoulder pipes reinforce the one-piece channel contributing to overall better protection and prevent the tubes from bending backwards in the event of a strike.

Our stylish Offroad bullbar replaces the factory bumper, to provide significant frontal protection. As its name suggests, it is designed to improve the offroad capabilities of the vehicle.

It offers a massive increase in approach angle, which is fundamental off the bitumen.

Its unique design minimizes additional weight on the front suspension whist still providing excellent vehicle protection.

It is arguably our best looking full bumper replacement bullbar & our most popular bullbar design.