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Springworks, Suspension & Engineering

  • Manufacturing and supply of leaf springs
  • Manufacturing and supply of coil springs
  • Manufacturing and supply of agricultural tynes
  • Manufacture of Ute Trays & Trailers
  • Stockist & Supplier of Spring Steel (flat and round)
  • Resetting, repairs or modifying of leaf and coil springs
  • Complete dismantling and replacement services
  • Heat treatment and tempering
  • General Repairs (Welding)
  • Specialised welding including aluminium, stainless and cast iron
  • Suspension repair and supply of all suspension components for all types of vehicles
  • Suspension upgrades (Licenced GVM Installers)
  • Renewal and repairs to trailers, horse floats and caravans
  • Auto Electrical Work (Driving Light Installation, Reverse Camera and General Auto Electrical Work)


As our workshop offers spacious facilities we can cater for larger trucks, semi-trailers to heavy road, mining and agricultural equipment to light trucks, four wheel drives and trailers.

Does your vehicle have any of the following undesirable characteristics?

 The Leightons TJM Solution
Lack of ground clearance?Lack of ground clearance?
Uncontrolled Bounce?Uncontrolled Bounce?
Nose dives under brakes?Nose dives under brakes?
Excessive body roll?Excessive body roll?
Steering wheel wobble?Steering wheel wobble?
Tail drag under load?Tail drag under load?
Unstable when towing?Unstable when towing?
Rough, harsh ride?Rough, harsh ride?
Limited wheel travel off road?Limited wheel travel off road?

Leaf Spring Resetting & Repair

Your existing leaf springs can be reset by using the correct setting methods as long as there is no excessive wear between the leaves. Our free inspection service can help you determine the suitability of your springs for resetting.

This can be a more economical option than purchasing new springs. Your springs can be reset back to the original height, in the case of sagged springs or you may wish to raise (or lower) the height of the vehicle. An increase in spring rate or carrying capacity is also achievable by the addition of 1 or 2 extra leaves to the spring pack.

Our springworks has been operating for over thirty years and our hot setting methods have been proven over time. With our hot setting methods, we can reset leaf springs for all types of vehicles from the smallest of cars to the largest of trucks and trains.

If you have broken leaves in your pack, we are able to remove the broken leaves, manufacture new leaves and set them into the pack. It is important for the life of the spring/leaves and the integrity of the whole spring pack, to use correct setting processes to ensure that additional or repair leaves are set properly with the correct camber and fitment. These services are usually completed in the one day.

Lowered Springs & Suspension

When it comes to lowering your vehicle we only use parts from leading brands such as Kings Springs and Lovells Springs.

We are also able to supply you with a range of shorter bodied shock absorbers to compliment your ride quality if you are after that ultra low ride height.

Why not consider a sway bar to compliment the handling of your vehicle. We sell sway bars and accessories and aftermarket polyurethane suspension bushes and products.

4x4 Suspension

Leighton Springworks and Suspension can offer a large range of 4WD suspension upgrade packages and components. We use quality leaf and coil springs, shock absorbers and products from some of the leading brands such as TJM XGS Gold Suspension Kits, EFS Suspension Kits, Tough Dog 4x4 Suspension Kits, King Springs, Lovell Springs, Bilstein Shock Absorbers, Koni Shock Absorbers and more.

So whether you’re just looking to repair your tired old worn out suspension or you want to upgrade and lift your suspension we have you covered.

Our team are able to supply you with advice to help you create a package that completely satisfies your needs, why not give them a call today?

TJM Suspension Kit

General Suspension & Steering Repairs

Leighton Springworks & Suspension have the workshop facilities and the expertise to be able to repair or replace your worn, tired or damaged steering and suspension components.

Contact our friendly staff for an estimate and booking date.

GVM Upgrades and Improved Vehicle Carrying Capacity

Leighton Springworks TJM supply and install full GVM upgrades for new and used vehicles.

To improve your vehicle’s carrying capicity, towing stability, ride and handling we also supply and fit a wide range of helper springs and airbags including brands such as Airbag Man, Polyair, Super Spring and Fred’s Conversion just to name a few.

Safety Checks (Free, No Obligation)

Does your vehicle have an annoying knock or squeak? Does it not carry your load properly? Does it lay over or sag in the rear? Is it not handling well when cornering?

If you have any issues that make you doubt your family’s safety while travelling in your vehicle, why not drop in and take advantage of our FREE no obligation safety check.

We are more than happy to provide you with advice or a free no obligation quote for your vehicles requirements.

Call now for an appointment and put your mind at ease.

Parts Sales & Service

Leighton Springworks TJM stock a huge range of quality suspension components, vehicle and 4x4 accessories. We also have access to many other automotive parts through our large chain of suppliers.

We can supply direct to the public over the counter or we can have it delivered to your door, so why not give us a call today.

Vehicle Accesory Installation

Leighton Springworks TJM offer a vehicle accessory fitting service and can supply and install a wide range of vehicle accessories including bull bars, tow bars, side steps, snorkels, winches, driving lights, uhf radios, trailer brake control systems, reversing cameras, roof racks and baskets, bike racks, awnings, roof top tents, drawer systems, cargo barriers, air bags, just to name a few.

Give our friendly staff a call for further details or to make a booking.

Repairs & Suspension for all Trailers, Caravans, Boat Trailers, Campers Trailers, Horse Floats, etc.

Leighton Springworks Suspension & Engineering provide full workshop facilities to carry out repairs and servicing to your trailer and caravan suspension, wheel bearings, lights and braking systems for your towing safety and peace of mind. We also do welding repairs if required.

Trailer & Flat Tray Manufacturing

Leighton Springworks Suspension & Engineering can fabricate a trailer or flat tray to suit your requirements.

Give our friendly staff a call to discuss your needs.

Tension, Compression & Torsion Springs

Leighton Springworks can supply a huge range of custom manufactured springs and wire form products for all applications from the largest to the smallest of mining, industrial, agricultural and household spring applications in any size, shape or quantity.

We supply all types of compression, tension and torsion springs, split rings, wire forms, Belleville washers and die springs, from single prototypes to larger quantities.

We can also supply some spring steel and spring hard stainless steel wire and flat spring steel material.

Tension, Compression & Torsion Springs

Engineering, Welding & Manufacturing

Leighton’s engineering facilities allow us manufacture and repair all types of industrial and agricultural machinery, hand rails, balustrade, gates, fencing, industrial bins and light structural steel work.

Give our staff a call to discuss your requirements.

Blades - Slasher & Mower

  • Made to sample – any quantity
  • Manufactured from high quality spring steel
  • Oil quenched, hardened and tempered
  • Milled cutting edge
  • Long lasting & hard wearing
  • Improved impact resistance – less likely to bend or shatter
  • As used by many Municipal Councils and Contractors
  • Hardened pivot brushes also available
Slasher & Mower Blades

Stick Rake

Manufactured at Leighton Springworks with:

  • Hardened & tempered spring steel tynes
  • Heavy duty 3-point linkage frame
  • 3 metres wide
  • 24 tynes
  • Special tyne clamp for one bolt easy adjustment of tension or spacing
  • Two Year Unconditional Breakage Guarantee on Tynes

$3,300.00 inc GST

LSW - Stick Rake