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Leaf Spring Resetting & Repair

Your existing leaf springs can be reset by using the correct setting methods as long as there is no excessive wear between the leaves. Our free inspection service can help you determine the suitability of your springs for resetting.

This can be a more economical option than purchasing new springs. Your springs can be reset back to the original height, in the case of sagged springs or you may wish to raise (or lower) the height of the vehicle. An increase in spring rate or carrying capacity is also achievable by the addition of 1 or 2 extra leaves to the spring pack.

Our springworks has been operating for over thirty years and our hot setting methods have been proven over time. With our hot setting methods, we can reset leaf springs for all types of vehicles from the smallest of cars to the largest of trucks and trains.

If you have broken leaves in your pack, we are able to remove the broken leaves, manufacture new leaves and set them into the pack. It is important for the life of the spring/leaves and the integrity of the whole spring pack, to use correct setting processes to ensure that additional or repair leaves are set properly with the correct camber and fitment. These services are usually completed in the one day.