Welcome to LSW - the home of TJM in Tasmania

Springworks, Suspension & Engineering

  • Manufacturing and supply of leaf springs
  • Manufacturing and supply of coil springs
  • Manufacturing and supply of agricultural tynes
  • Manufacture of Ute Trays & Trailers
  • Stockist & Supplier of Spring Steel (flat and round)
  • Resetting, repairs or modifying of leaf and coil springs
  • Complete dismantling and replacement services
  • Heat treatment and tempering
  • General Repairs (Welding)
  • Specialised welding including aluminium, stainless and cast iron
  • Suspension repair and supply of all suspension components for all types of vehicles
  • Suspension upgrades (Licenced GVM Installers)
  • Renewal and repairs to trailers, horse floats and caravans
  • Auto Electrical Work (Driving Light Installation, Reverse Camera and General Auto Electrical Work)


As our workshop offers spacious facilities we can cater for larger trucks, semi-trailers to heavy road, mining and agricultural equipment to light trucks, four wheel drives and trailers.

Does your vehicle have any of the following undesirable characteristics?

 The Leightons TJM Solution
Lack of ground clearance?Lack of ground clearance?
Uncontrolled Bounce?Uncontrolled Bounce?
Nose dives under brakes?Nose dives under brakes?
Excessive body roll?Excessive body roll?
Steering wheel wobble?Steering wheel wobble?
Tail drag under load?Tail drag under load?
Unstable when towing?Unstable when towing?
Rough, harsh ride?Rough, harsh ride?
Limited wheel travel off road?Limited wheel travel off road?